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The Lord’s Supper: A Memory and More (Download)


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If you keep doing something often enough, long enough, it will change you. Take, for example, the Lord’s Supper.

If we practice the Lord’s Supper in a meaningful way, week after week, it will change us for the better by helping us grow closer to God. If we treat it as a ritual largely devoid of meaning, however, it can damage us by causing our faith itself to become a meaningless ritual.

In this 14-page resource, eight writers look at the Lord’s Supper (Communion) past, present, and future—its power, purpose, and promise.

As one writer puts it: “Nothing delivers the death of Jesus like the Lord’s Supper!”

The articles previously appeared in CHRISTIAN STANDARD (primarily in the issues of June 10, 2007, and July 12/19, 2009).

Each download include permission to reproduce material up to 10 times for ministry and educational purposes.